Cleversign Primary

Digital Signage designed for Primary Schools

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Product Description

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. A Cleversign Primary screen in your school reception is not only a powerful, incredibly easy to use, digital notice board but also

looks great. Combining modern technology with professionally created message screens, that incoporate your school logo, colour scheme and photos, it’s the perfect way to greet visitors

whilst also conveying those crucial messages that make a school run smoothly. Messages can include whatever you like, for example:

Visitor welcome information
Instructions on your school visitor, safety and security policies
Information on events, after school club and activities
Recognition of pupil achievements and birthdays
Staff notices
Lesson information
Emergency information such as fire drills or fire alarms

Incredibly easy to set up – using the ‘60 second signage’ system.

1. Login to the player

2. Add your school logo

3. Add two school photos

4. Pick your school colour

5. Press the save button

Out comes a finished signage system; just select the screen layout you want to use from the dozens of choices.